About Us

WENDY and I (Rob) live with our 5 sons, Sean, Jeff, Robbie, David, and Olen in the Houghton, NY area on a farm out in the beautiful rolling hills of rural Western New York. The nearest red/yellow/green stoplight is about 20 miles from here.

We have been sharing the scripture songs that the Lord has given to us over the past 25 years either by leading in worship in various settings or by sending out cassettes, sheet music, and now CDs of these songs. PilgrimSongs is the organization that we incorporated to help us to continue this ministry. We would welcome the opportunity to share these scripture songs with you if you are interested. Thanks for checking out this site!

A little history for those who are curious....

ONE OF the first things that Wendy and I ever did together was to play guitar. That was in the spring of 1981. I remember sharing with each other some of the songs that we had "written", which for me included Humble Yourselves, the first scripture song that the Lord helped me compose. That writing occurred in 1978, only 3 years earlier, while attending Houghton College... it was a last minute effort to satisfy a Christian Ed. assignment that I had forgotten.

Wendy began playing guitar in her early teen years and had written several songs by the time that we met in 1981. When we got married the following year, we continued to write scripture songs, with the added benefit of having a partner nearby who could “check-out” and "fine tune" the latest song. After an acquaintance asked us to make a tape of scripture songs for the ladies in her Bible study, we began to devote more of our time and energy to sending out cassettes of the songs that the Lord had given us.

Most of the songs on the Do You Not Know? and The Way Out albums came from this 1978-1985 time period. Run the Good Race was recorded in about 1989 and consisted for the most part of songs written in the years of 1985 -1989. Back in those early days we used reel-to-reel recorders, dubbing them to a high quality cassette recorder, one at a time, in real time, meaning that an 87 minute cassette took 87 minutes to record. We only made 5 or 6 cassettes a day. Also we would take the time to record a greeting to each person we were sending cassettes to. Later we added a 4-track cassette recorder to enable us to sing background vocals with ourselves. We teamed-up with Houghton College friends Doug and Joanne Geeze on some of the songs— Joanne shared four of her scripture songs with us: Praise the Lord!, and Wisdom, recorded on the Do You Not Know? album, and Hear, O Lord and It Is Good on the Run The Good Race! album.

We have yet to do a dedicated recording of the songs that the Lord has given us since that time due to the fact that the late 80's brought about a shift in our focus to our growing family of five sons, to the leading of worship in college and community settings, and to the pastoring of a fellowship that met in our home. Now, twenty years later, we find that the Lord has "pruned" back some of those activities. We were blessed to home school the guys for about 10 years, after which we sensed the Lord was leading us to enroll them in a nearby public school. With the demands of home schooling gone, we find that the Lord is re-directing our energy to once again focus on communicating these songs, with a timely emphasis on the digital and internet realms. My hope is that in due time, the Lord will enable us to make those recordings of the "newer" scripture songs.

We primarily use the New International Version of the Bible. This is in part because the NIV came out about the time we were in high school and was thus quite popular in our circles. More importantly, its word structure is easier for us to work with than most other commonly known translations.

In the late 90's, an inspired friend of ours beautifully translated eight of the scripture songs into Spanish. These are available on Canciones de Alabanza. Another friend has translated two of the songs into French and one into Woolof. We have recorded the French version of Do You Not Know? but it is not available on this website yet.

I played an early Taylor 610 guitar on the albums listed above, with the exception of one song on Canciones de Alabanza, which is recorded using a Taylor Leo Kotke 12 string, converted to a 9 string, using single bass strings and doubled unison treble strings. Wendy plays an Alvarez Yairi classical guitar with a cedar top.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  

(Updated 6/13)